This table lists 68 tv series and 12 movies in Chinese, ordered by difficulty. Click the number in the words column to download flashcards compatible with Pleco.

namewordsepisodeshoursw/hw/h 4hsourcecountrysimplifiedtraditionalcomment
Cities of Last Things48012287237NetflixTaiwan幸福城市幸福城市
Til Death Do Us Apart87273289269NetflixTaiwan惊悚剧场驚悚劇場
On Children223958282289NetflixTaiwan你的孩子不是你的孩子你的孩子不是你的孩子
A Little Thing Called First Love50013624207290NetflixChina初恋那件小事初戀那件小事
A Sun76412312291NetflixTaiwan阳光普照陽光普照
Rookies' Diary 250302223215314YoutubeTaiwan新兵日记之特战英雄新兵日記之特戰英雄
Never Forget Then46264028167316YoutubeTaiwan这些年那些事這些年那些事missing episodes: 8, 27
Memory Love41701820211330NetflixTaiwan噗通噗通我爱你噗通噗通我愛你
To the dearest Intruder35751517206330NetflixTaiwan致,第三者致,第三者
Love @ Seventeen36151517217336NetflixTaiwan我和我的十七岁我和我的十七歲
Brides Married Here36071314250349YoutubeTaiwan新娘嫁到新娘嫁到
Candy Online1627135325358NetflixTaiwan糖糖Online糖糖Online
Attention, Love!36151517211359NetflixTaiwan稍息立正我爱你稍息立正我愛你
Way Back Into Love47822223206364NetflixTaiwan爱回来愛回來
The Ghost Bride161565353368NetflixTaiwan彼岸之嫁彼岸之嫁
Ice Fantasy66426240167373NetflixChina幻城幻城
Put Your Head on My Shoulder38532415255374NetflixChina致我们暖暖的小时光致我們暖暖的小時光
Nowhere Man208586365378NetflixTaiwan罪梦者罪夢者
My Dear Boy50132022225379NetflixTaiwan我的男孩我的男孩
Dear Ex69512442385NetflixTaiwan谁先爱上他的誰先愛上他的
The 9th Precinct68712443391NetflixTaiwan第九分局第九分局
Green Door174865366392NetflixTaiwan魂囚西门魂囚西門
Déjà Vu45192225181397NetflixTaiwan回到爱以前回到愛以前
Secrets in The Hot Spring73312423402NetflixTaiwan切小金家的旅馆切小金家的旅館
Age of Rebellion45141518254405NetflixTaiwan翻墙的记忆翻牆的記憶
Prince of Tennis54754028196415NetflixChina奋斗吧,少年!奮鬥吧,少年!
The Stolen Years84512458423NetflixTaiwan被偷走的那五年被偷走的那五年
Scissor Seven1252143450430NetflixChina刺客伍六七刺客伍六七
The Outsiders40712014282434NetflixTaiwan斗鱼鬥魚
See You in Time43711618243440NetflixTaiwan已读不回的恋人已讀不回的戀人
A Thousand Goodnights59312023254444NetflixTaiwan一千个晚安一千個晚安
Rookies' Diary90514352174446YoutubeTaiwan新兵日记新兵日記
Love, Timeless48281518276446NetflixTaiwan钟楼爱人鐘樓愛人
The Perfect Match50952224215448NetflixTaiwan极品绝配極品絕配
First Kiss48291618273452YoutubeTaiwan真爱配方真愛配方
A Love So Beautiful45632417272452NetflixChina致我们单纯的小美好致我們單純的小美好
Finding Mr. Right99012519455NetflixChina北京遇上西雅图北京遇上西雅圖
Meteor Garden70984933212459NetflixChina流星花园流星花園
Us and Them93812482464NetflixChina后来的我们後來的我們
Well-Intended Love47122015318468NetflixChina奈何 BOSS 要娶我奈何 BOSS 要娶我
Justice Heroes1761623524372471YoutubeTaiwan廉政英雄廉政英雄missing episodes: 154, 227
Eternal Love75775840188482NetflixChina三生三世十里桃花三生三世十里桃花
Our Shining Days88212548493NetflixChina闪光少女閃光少女
I Hear You47562416306494NetflixChina最动听的事最動聽的事
The King of Romance51921720261497NetflixTaiwan如朕亲临如朕親臨
Marry Me, or Not?42061517244502NetflixTaiwan必娶女人必娶女人
Hilda2339135473502NetflixDubbed希尔达希爾達simplified subtitles ≈ audio
Handsome Siblings74554430246508NetflixChina绝代双骄絕代雙驕
Accidentally In Love45743014328514NetflixChina惹上冷殿下惹上冷殿下
Take My Brother Away71283022326515NetflixChina快把我哥带走快把我哥帶走
Wait, My Youth42122413335520NetflixChina等等啊我的青春等等啊我的青春
Somewhere Only We Know57652422267520NetflixChina独家记忆獨家記憶
Jojo's World48351517282540NetflixTaiwan我和我的四个男人我和我的四個男人
Unrequited Love43212411380543NetflixChina暗恋橘生淮南暗戀橘生淮南
Love O2O62483020308543NetflixChina微微一笑很倾城微微一笑很倾城
Single Ladies Senior57411517340546NetflixTaiwan高塔公主高塔公主
The Borderline43621712354548YoutubeDubbed警戒线警界線
Day and Night72433223318576NetflixChina白夜追凶白夜追兇
The Untamed72705033219577NetflixChina陈情令陳情令
Triad Princess203364567580NetflixTaiwan极道千金極道千金
So Young142112657581NetflixChina致我们终将逝去的青春致我們終將逝去的青春
The Princess Weiyoung87475436240590NetflixChina锦绣未央錦繡未央
Lion Pride58061619310590NetflixTaiwan狮子王强大獅子王強大
The Legend of White Snake81933625330593NetflixChina新白娘子传奇新白娘子傳奇
The King's Avatar71714025290606NetflixChina全职高手全職高手
Paranormal Mind43571611383608YoutubeDubbed开脑儆探開腦儆探missing episode: 8
The Wandering Earth128312654608NetflixChina流浪地球流浪地球
Find Yourself82154128296622NetflixChina下一站是幸福下一站是幸福
Yanxi Palace Princess Adventures228764605626NetflixChina金枝玉叶金枝玉葉
Hidden Faces50231813376626YoutubeDubbed三面形医三面形醫
Perfect Wedding78574429275657YoutubeChina大嫁风尚大嫁風尚missing episodes: 10, 20
The Rise of Phoenixes106537049218662NetflixChina天盛长歌天盛長歌
Empresses in the Palace412869481672NetflixChina后宫甄嬛传後宮甄嬛傳Netflix version edited down to 6 episodes
Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain86443723375742NetflixChina从前有座灵剑山從前有座靈劍山
Ashes of Love113686339291780NetflixChina香蜜沉沉烬如霜香蜜沉沉燼如霜


Pleco is a free dictionary app for Chinese, available for iOS and Android. Flashcard functionality is available as an in-app purchase.

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Vocabulary Lists

The Basic 1k list covers the most common 1000 words used by more than 90% of all shows in the list. Those words cover around 75% of all content and are excluded from the individual vocabulary lists and statistics.

Click the link in the words column to get a vocabulary list which covers all the remaining words used in the corresponding show. The words in the list are in the order of appearance in the show, each word is only listed once at the time it first appears.

All words can be found in the free CC-CEDICT, which is also available in Pleco. The list format follows the Pleco convention. Both simplified and traditional characters are included, pinyin and definitions can be added by Pleco during the import.

Note: Since automatic word segmentation is not perfect, the lists might contain odd words and some words might be missing.

Word Metrics


histogram of number of words

The total number of unique words that a show uses indicates how many words you have to learn in order to understand the whole show. This obviously also depends on how long the show is.

Words per hour (w/h) (w/h 4h)

words per hour over time

The number of new, unique words a show introduces per hour (w/h). Naturally, the number of new words is highest in the beginning of a show. For a better comparison of shows with different lengths use the (w/h 4h) metric which only considers the first four hours of each show.

histogram of number of words per hour histogram of number of words per hour in first 4h


In case you find any errors on the website or in the vocabulary lists feel free to contact me via email.

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